From a Land Far Away



About This Project

“While society is quick to remind us of our differences, we want our audiences to imagine a world we can build together with the richness of our heritages”-DP.


This project aims at joining diverse cultural heritages into a common musical expression where national identities are juxtaposed within a larger voice. With the wide variety of musical styles found in the world, From A Land Far Away is a fusion of culture led by flutist Daniel Pardo.


This project includes instrumental virtuosi, Chinese pipa player Mei YuXin, Colombian pianist Christian Valdes, American drummer Matt Young, bassist Brian Ward, guitarist Noel Johnston, and Madrid based percussionist Shango Dely.


From A Land Far Away was featured with the Fort Worth Symphony string section in December 2015, and upcoming performances include guest artists Jeff Coffin (saxophonist with Dave Matthews & Bela Fleck), and Karen Briggs (‘The Lady in Red’ from Yanni’s ‘Live at the Acropolis’.) As part of an education outreach promoting artistic unity, the group has performed and lectured at the EDCC Concert Series, University of Denver, and Texas State University. in 2016, and in signal honor, the International President of the American Federation of Musicians, Mr. Ray Hair, invited to perform Daniel Pardo and From A Land Far Away at Fort Worth’s Main Street Arts Festival, and the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival.


The next phase of the project involves recording a CD and video recording scheduled for release in 2017 with promotion in a national and international basis.